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About Frank

about-frankMy mission is to teach personal transformation skills that will enable you to release stress, give you increasing control of your thoughts and emotions, and create a positive effect in the quality of your life! For six years Frank was a teacher before he decided to resign from his job and move to Montreal in order to fulfil a lifelong dream and become a professional actor. He was thirty three years old at the time. Despite all odds he has been able to forge a successful career with over eighty film and TV credits to his name in both French and English.

In order to better deal with some personal and professional stresses which were at times extreme, Frank embarked upon a ten year journey of self discovery and healing which led him to study with some of the most influential teachers in the field of personal transformation today.

Specifically Frank has studied with Sophia Cayer, an EFT Master, and Byron Katie, a leading spiritual teacher who has introduced a method for self realization called “THE WORK” Frank has taken these two techniques and combined them with techniques he has learned as an actor to create “MIND METHOD” which is a way to re-program the limiting and stressful beliefs which are the cause of so much pain and suffering in our lives.

We are not the stories that define us.

Your life is proof of what it is you believe.