How many of you are suffering from anxiety these days and are asking yourself what’s wrong with you? I know the feeling. I suffered from anxiety for years. There were times it was so intense I could barely function. I had a racing heart, shortness of breath, ringing in my ears, red eyes, and worst of all the chronic burning throughout my body. Anxiety, I know is a really uncomfortable feeling, so much so that there were times I was afraid of dying of a heart attack. I kept asking myself “what’s wrong with me?”

There must be something wrong with me. I had all the tests done and everything came back normal. I was in perfect health so to speak. Doctors were more than willing to prescribe meds for me and on occasion I did take them but something inside was telling me that meds were not the answer. They did of course give me some much needed relief from the incredible discomfort I was feeling but I decided to stop taking them for fear of becoming dependent upon them. I decided that I was going to find my way back to wellness without the use of medication and I did but it took some time before I found the peace I so desperately sought. For years I saw my anxiety as something to run from, to hide from. It was as if my anxiety was like the school yard bully that was out to terrorize me. I tried to hide my anxiety from others for fear of judgement. I tried to pretend it wasn’t there. I fought with my anxiety. I resisted it. I did whatever I could to escape the feelings inside and I felt my life was getting smaller and smaller.

One day however when the feelings of anxiety were really intense something inside of me gave up, and I mean totally. Actually it was more a surrender than a giving up and my anxiety immediately began to dissipate. I began to feel a calm that I hadn’t felt in years. That was the beginning. Since then I’ve come to see that our stresses are all self imposed. When we really take the time to look at what is troubling us we will always find a part of us that is in resistance. Like a great teacher I had said to me once. “If you fight with reality, you will lose, but only 100% of the time.”