Frank Schorpion


From Panic to Peace

Frank had it all. A loving family. A successful career as an actor, a network of friends. From the outside it looked like he had the perfect life. On the inside however he was struggling with severe anxiety and depression.

After reading countless books, ranging from the sciences, to psychology, to spirituality, and having studied with some of the most influential teachers on the planet today Frank was able to find the peace he so desperately sought.

Frank draws upon his acting training to create a presentation that is as entertaining as it is informative and shares with us not only what he has learned about himself but what he has learned about all of us, about how the brain works, and why despite our best efforts change can be so incredibly difficult. What if it didn’t have to be?

The power of connection

The world around us is built upon a story, a false story of separation. We believe we are separate, in a world that is filled with people that are all separate from us, in a separate universe. It’s every man for himself and we are ultimately alone.

What if that story wasn’t true? What if a new story was emerging? A story that says we’re all connected. When we’re connected we’re in the zone. It is what we seek as actors, athletes, as creators, as people.

Connectedness leaves us feeling joyful and energized. Separateness leaves us feeling alone,
anxious, isolated, and depressed. In this talk I tell a very personal story of the pain of separateness and the healing power of connectedness.

What if we moved into the story of inter connectedness?

How would it affect how we feel and act?