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Accept What It is

Time: 4:52 minutes

Anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, are the result of fighting with what is. Start by accepting where you are.

Clean Your Past

Time: 4:09 minutes

How to stop re-creating the things you say you don’t want over and over again.

Creative Process

Time: 5:25 minutes

Believe, feel, act, have. What you create is directly related to what it is you believe.

Default Settings

Time: 3:51 minutes

Who programmed your computer/mind?


It’s Really Us

Time: 4:05 minutes

Stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, and depression are an inner creation. So is joy, and inner peace.

Personal Power

Time: 2:33 minutes

Stop anxiety by owning who you are.


Time: 1:06 minute

We all have aspects of anxiety and depression within us. When we stigmatize another we stigmatize ourselves.


Time: 4:22 minute

Anxiety can be provoked by thought alone. 90% of the thoughts we have today are the same ones we had yesterday. You are not your thoughts you just believe your thoughts are you.

Anxiety cure

Time: 11:28 minute

Anxiety The Bully Inside

Change your story change your life

Time: 05:22 minute

Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and other people’s opinions

Time: 04:33 minute

The fastest way to disconnect from yourself


Time: 06:27 minute

There’s nothing wrong with you

Persistance is the key to curing anxiety

Time: 02:14 minute

Anxiety The Bully Inside

Change Your Story Change Your Life – What if anxiety and depression were a flawed story?

Time: 04:19 minute

What if anxiety and depression were the result of a flawed story?

What if we moved into the story of inter connectedness?

How would it affect how we feel and act?