That’s quite a question isn’t it? Who do you think you are? Have you ever really asked yourself that question? Often when someone else asks us that question we get defensive. The question seems to imply “who are you to say what you say? or who are you to do what you do? First of all I’d like to say that most of us have no idea who we truly are. I remember my acting coach say to us ” you are not your thinking, thinking is just thinking, it isn’t who you are” After having gone through a difficult period in my life I came to the realization that I had a lot of thoughts about who I thought I was, and a lot of it was negative and judgemental. I saw that I had this small critical voice that wouldn’t leave me alone. “You’re not good enough, you’re lazy, you’re too afraid, you’re too old to try that, etc. The thing is although these are just thoughts, when we believe them, we feel them to be true. We have our proof. We feel it so we think that’s who we are. Here’s the real truth. All these thoughts are a lie. I’ll give you a small exercise to prove to you that it’s a lie. First, get a piece of paper and write down a negative thought that you have about yourself. Now put the paper down and get a comfortable position in chair. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Now bring your awareness to your breathing. Now send your awareness to your right foot. Observe the awareness on your right foot. Next, put your awareness on your left foot. Observe that as well. Now move your awareness to your right ear. Notice the awareness on your ear. Ask yourself “Am I my right foot? Left foot? or my right ear? or am I the awareness that is aware of my different body parts? Try this again. Look at your right hand. Really look at it. Are you your hand or are you looking at your hand? I’m pretty sure you agree that you are not your hand but that “you” are looking at it. Now look at the negative thought you wrote down on the piece of paper. Are you the thought? No you are not. You are the awareness looking at the thought. The thought only has power over us when we believe it to be who we are. The more you observe a thought the less of a hold it has on you. Remember this: You are not who you think you are.