You Are Not The Story That Defines You

You Are Not The Story That Defines You

All of us carry stories within us. Stories about our past, our relationships, about ourselves, about the world and our place in it. Stories about what we believe we are capable of, and what we believe we are not capable of. What if these stories weren’t true?

What if we were living someone else’s story about who we were supposed to be? When our stories no longer have a hold of us our life automatically transforms and we begin to interact with the world from a place of authenticity.

The realization that we are not the stories we believe to be true can have a profound effect on releasing so much of the negative emotions that are associated with our illusory stories. In the workshop participants will learn “MIND METHOD” which is an amalgamation of several techniques including sense memory retrieval, The Work of Byron Katie, and a modified version of EFT. The transformative power of “Mind Method” lies in its ability to re-write the stressful stories of our lives resulting in an increased level of energy, joy, and inner peace.

Mind method is a way to relieve ourselves from the stressful structures of the mind

in order to re-connect with the fullness of who we are.